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Here at MJ Cabinetmakers we believe the beauty of a piece of furniture first begins in the inspiration and design and is then followed through in the quality of the making.  Matt Jardine and his team of Cabinet Makers aim to create furniture that is functional as well as beautiful.  Contemporary design is married with traditional methods of making, to produce furniture that will stand the test of time.

Our site is full of examples of our work. Browse through and click on the images to find out more.

There is nothing more satisfying than meeting a customer and listening to their practical needs and ideas for a piece of furniture. 
We then go away and interpret all their requirements and design a piece which is unique and functional as well as being a beautiful piece of furniture. 
The customer is always kept updated as to the progress of their piece and quite often if they are local they will call in at the workshop at different stages of the making process to see how it is going.

matt jardine
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